Most Import Car Insurance

Import Car Insurance

Car insurance for imports is an important factor to consider when purchasing a vehicle from abroad. Imported cars tend to be more costly to insure than US vehicles, because they generally have components and accessories which are not easily found within the US and require shipping over. A lot of imported vehicles are modified or are not of standard quality that can increase the price of the insurance. Fortunately, specialist insurers are able to provide lower insurance rates.

Import Car Insurance
Import Car Insurance


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Hagerty insurance for imported cars covers the entire range of automobiles from the simplest to the most exotic. It covers all kinds of vehicle damage and will pay for the repair and replacement. There are a few prerequisites to meet before buying Hagerty insurance for cars imported from the United States. This includes a regular-use car for every household member. There are exceptions to this requirement which include retirees and those living in urban areas.

For instance, the primary person driving the car must not have any significant driving violations during the past three years. The primary driver should own a different vehicle for day-to-day use. Furthermore, the vehicle should be registered under the primary driver’s name. Hagerty does not also allow off-road or motorcycles. In addition, Hagerty doesn’t set a minimum age for classic cars, therefore it is essential that you are aware of the rule. If you own a collector automobile Hagerty’s Drivers Club can help you locate the right parts for your car.


Safeco’s import insurance for cars is an excellent choice for those who want to protect a classic vehicle. It comes with a variety of advantages, including a dependable customer service department, affordable costs, and a smooth claims procedure. The company also offers discounts to those who have good driving practices. The company is an affiliate of Liberty Mutual Insurance, a Fortune 100 company.

Import vehicles are gaining in popularity among drivers. Although most companies are based outside in the U.S., importing vehicles is subject to certain restrictions specific to the specific country. This means that motorists are more likely to invest more on security to protect their investment.

Imports from grey sources

Car insurance for grey imports is necessary if you are planning to drive your car across UK roads. These vehicles are typically costly and usually require repairs or replacements that are specialized. They also have a higher chance to be taken. The selection of the right plan for the grey vehicle you are driving needs to depend on a variety of variables.

Grey imports are cars which are not available within the UK through dealer outlets of the manufacturer. This includes cars that originate from Japan and America that aren’t manufactured according to European standards. To be eligible for a particular policy gray import, it requires a Minister’s Approval Certificate that proves it meets UK quality and security standards. An example of grey imports would be that of the Mazda Eunos.

Parallel imports

Car insurance for imports that are parallel can be costly. In many cases parallel importers don’t offer a warranty on their vehicles. Alternatively, the warranty only lasts as it is the case that the importer is operating. That means that you might be waiting for several months or even years to have your vehicle repaired. Additionally, you could have to go through authorised repair facilities, and this could be a headache.

However the cost of insurance for imports that are parallel could be lower than regular UK models. Insurance companies might also charge higher rates for models that have left-hand drives or other features that aren’t standard. This is due to the fact that parallel imports are generally made according to UK standards, which means they are less of an issue than grey imports that are typically more expensive.

Personal imports

The price of personal import car insurance can vary based on several factors. An import that is grey is one example. It will be more costly to insure than a brand new one due to the fact that it was not designed to conform to UK safety emission, braking, or emissions standards. Furthermore, an import vehicle is more prone to theft and storing it in garage or driveway that is secure will help lower costs. Consider installing alarms to discourage thieves. Additionally, limiting your the annual mileage will save cash on insurance for your car.

If you are planning to import a vehicle ensure that you have the required coverage by the state you reside in. Every state has its own standards when it comes down in liability coverage. It is also possible to consider purchasing additional insurance in the event of being involved in an accident.

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